Alli - Senior at Arizona State University

Simple. Natural. Classic.

Those were the words Alli used to describe what she wanted for her portrait session, along with a more modern look overall. Thankfully, Arizona State University's beautiful campus is a mix of old buildings and new architecture, with plenty of worn concrete and lush greenery. It was the perfect location for what we were trying to achieve for this lovely college senior.

College Senior Portraits // Arizona State University //

Alli and I have known each other for quite some time, and I have adored her since the day we met - but sadly, I don't get to see her too often. Her older sister, Jessica however, is one of my closest friends and also one of my favorite stylists. So of course, I was over-the-moon-excited when Alli asked me to shoot her senior portraits! And then naturally, Jess came along with us to style Alli from head-to-toe. We had SO much fun! Jess was also our resident Instagrammer, documenting everything going on behind the scenes, while taking all the best selfies. ;)

Instagram Photo by: @jessaerin

Instagram Photo by: @jessaerin

I loved spending the afternoon with these two beautiful sisters, watching them interact, crack jokes and seeing how much they love and care for each other. They have quite the bond. One day, I hope to do an entire portrait session with BOTH of these beauties! They look so much alike, don't they?! 

College Senior Portraits // Arizona State University //
College Senior Portraits // Arizona State University //

These portraits of Alli have become some of my most favorite images. She not only brought her classic beauty, but she has the most natural elegance that shined through her the entire session. It didn't matter if people were watching…which, on a college campus, can be a lot at times. Like when a lecture hall lets out. Haha, right Alli?! But no matter what, you always stayed calm and confident. I was SO impressed! You are a gorgeous human. Inside and out.

Congratulations again! I wish you all the best where ever this next season of your life takes you! 

Big hugs & lots of love! :)

Jessa Erin

To me, the best kind of portraits are the ones taken in a place that has meaning for the individual. Not just a place that they like or one that's pretty. But one that they LOVE; a place that gives them comfort, peace and the freedom to be exactly who they are. For my dear friend, Jessa, that place is right here - next to that wall-size print of people she's never met, but feels deeply connected to. It's her most prized possession. Originally, we had planned to do her session outside in her backyard. But, I'm so thankful we got rained out, because it forced us in here - her happy place. And honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything better.

It's unexpected moments like this that are always the best.