Baby Sagadin ::: Phoenix Maternity Session

Blogging is not my forte, guys. But it really is the best place to share stories and photos from my sessions, so here we go. Back at it again!

I still remember how my sweet friend, Megan told me she was pregnant. We were at a restaurant with some of our friends and it had been awhile since I had seen everyone. She was sitting next to me, across from her husband Andy, at the far end of the table. I asked her how things were and if anything was new. She shook her head and said "not too much", then asked Andy to hand her her phone. My focused switched to something our guy friends were talking about, so my head was turned as she pulled something up on her phone. 

Suddenly, Megan taps my arm, slides over her phone to me and calmly states, "well, actually this is new". I picked up her phone, expecting to see a photo of a new car, RV, boat or some other new toy Andy had been eyeing. But instead, it was an ultra-sound photo of little baby Sagadin.

Cue the shocked face, big hugs and lots of excitement!

I was so happy for my friend in that moment, because I knew how long she had been waiting. I've seen her motherly instincts shine as I've watched her interact with her younger sister and older brother, care for her puppies and even tend to our crazy group of guy friends when they get sick, injured or out of control. She's a nurse by trade, but a nurturer for life. She doesn't take things too seriously and has the perfect sense of humor to help keep her sane during what some might consider to be difficult moments. And I know, without a doubt, that she is going to be an amazing mother.

And then there was Andy, who was grinning from ear-to-ear and saying all the right things...but you could still see some fear in his eyes. I wasn't worried about him though. In fact, I was really excited for him. See, when Andy loves someone, he loves them deeply. With his friends, he shows us how much he cares by using humor, hospitality and leadership. He brings people together and then becomes the bond that keeps everyone close. He's not afraid to talk about shit and in fact, he prefers it. He's also a nurse by trade and a nurturer for life, but the way he cares for and is attentive to Megan is the absolute sweetest. I'm so proud of the man he has become and can't wait to see him as a dad. 

As you look through their maternity session, you may notice that Andy looks different in some of the photos. That's because we did this session twice...but that's a story for another day. ;)