Brooklyn Grace

Two blog posts in one day?! Yep! I just blogged Andy and Megan's maternity session, in case you missed it, which I have been meaning to do forever. But I didn't, and now baby Sagadin is here! Whaaat?! Fastest labor ever. ;) Just kidding. I wanted to share that session before this one, because we juuuust did this one and I'm super anxious to share!

Right after baby Sagadin was born, who we now call Brooklyn Grace, Megan's mom asked if I could come over and take some photos of the 4 generations of women: Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and Daughter, before Brooklyn's Great-Grandmother traveled out of town. I immediately said yes, because not everyone gets to have a photo with the 4 generations of women in their family. That is a moment that deserves to be documented. I feel very fortunate to have one with my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother. And my niece has one with 5 generations! So for me, it was a true honor to be able to give that to Brooklyn.

And while I was there, we were able to sneak in some photos of the nursery, which I absolutely adore! Andy and Megan did such an amazing job! I love how it all came together, but mostly, I love these precious moments between Megan and Brooklyn. I get tears in my eyes every time. Ah, so sweet. :)

And if you can listen to this song while viewing the photos, I think it adds a little something extra. It's called Remington, by The Honey Drewdrops.

Congratulations, friends! Brooklyn is so loved!