Mother's Day Mini-Sessions

Last year was the first year I started offering Mother's Day mini-sessions after experiencing a significant life event that shook my world. My grandmother, who had lived with me for 10 years, had recently passed away from cancer. For years, I wanted to do a generational photo shoot with her, my mother and I...but we never did. I let life get in the way; always thinking we had more time. I was so disappointed in myself for not pushing harder to make it happen that I decided to turn my regret into something more positive: giving other families an extra little push to do what I no longer could, by creating an opportunity for them to do so.

This isn't just a "look at the camera and smile" experience. These sessions are more structured and interactive than any other photo session you've had before, so that we're creating honest moments that spark genuine emotions. The goal is for mom (and/or grandma) to feel seen, loved and appreciated. 

My mini-sessions are a quick 20 minutes so that you still have time for brunch beforehand or dinner afterwards, but in no way will you feel rushed. In fact, it's just enough time for your mom to feel all the feels and go home with happy tears streaming down her face.

BUT DON'T WORRY, all hard evidence of ugly crying will be immediately destroyed. ;)

Mini-sessions are only $250 (plus sales tax) and will be held at Heritage Square on:

Saturday, April 30th

Sunday, May 1st

And Papago Park on:

Saturday, May 7th

Sunday, May 8th

This also includes two tangible gifts that are just for mom:

Gift #1 is a $50 product credit to be used on prints, wall art or digital files to help ensure these moments will be cherished by you, your future self and future generations.

Gift #2 is a gorgeous candle from Standard Wax, my favorite local candle company who is all about bringing art into your everyday.™ At the session, mom will be given their Scent Kit Gift Set, which is a miniature collection of their fragrances, so that she can decide which candle to order using her unique gift code. This covers the cost of the 10.5 ounce candle AND shipping! Valued at $42.00

My personal faves are Sonoran Wildgrass and Sage + Pomegranate. So good!

Sessions are limited (up to 5 people per session). Email to book! 

Some might say this is a little steep gift for Mother's Day, but I think we can all agree that the session itself isn't just for mom; it's a gift that will last for generations.

Have other plans on those days? Would an in-home session work better for your family? Is mom or grandma out of town? Is grandma a snowbird and won't be back until the fall?

Don't fret! Gift certificates are also available for a full 1-hour session. Price is the same, but does not include the two gifts. Email me for details!