Amy Frances ::: Modern Head Shots

Meet Amy, owner of Amy Frances Photography. This girl and I connected last year over our love of working with individuals and families. Most photographers in our community are wedding photographers, so it was really nice finding a like-minded photographer who could swap stories and share tips over some delicious cocktails. It was an added bonus that she is also doing this #girlboss thing while she's young and single, like myself, so we could not only talk about our businesses, but also our dating life. So refreshing!

And then she moved.

ACROSS THE COUNTRY to Brooklyn, New York. Ugh.

But despite my selfish wish to have had more time to hang out, I honestly could not be more excited for her! Having lived almost a year in Chicago, I love big city life and encourage anyone who has ever even considered the idea to just go for it. You won't know if you love it until you try it. And if you know Amy, then you know NYC is the city for her. It's in her blood. She thrives on finding cute coffee shops and hidden restaurants, loves to meet new people and try new things. Some get overwhelmed in a city that never sleeps, but not Amy. She can hustle her way through with the best of 'em, while always maintaining that infectious smile of hers.

When you relocate as a photographer, you basically have to start from scratch. But Amy planned in advance. She knew she had to rebrand with a fresh logo, website and head shots that would appeal to a New York market. So when she asked me to take her new portraits, I immediately said yes without question. Spending a few hours roaming around downtown Phoenix with this girl (right after it rained, no less) was just as much fun as I imagined it would be!

Before I share a few of my favorites, I just want to thank you, Amy, for thinking of me and for trusting me to capture your inner Carrie Bradshaw and Mary Tyler Moore! I wish you ALL the best as you transition into an official New Yorker and cannot wait to come visit one day soon! Big hugs!! :)

Special thanks to Nomadic Arte for the gorgeous hair and makeup!