Why I Offer Mother's Day Mini-Sessions...Part 2

"Sara...Mother's Day is over. Why are you still blogging about this?"

If we're friends on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, then there's a good chance that you got tired of hearing me talk about these "Mother's Day Mini-Sessions" over the last month. But to be honest, I wasn't really doing them because of Mother's Day. In fact, it had nothing to do with that. 

You see, I don't believe that there should only be ONE day a year to celebrate motherhood (or fatherhood), but I also don't think that Mother's Day (or Father's Day) is just another "commercial holiday". I think there's a better intention behind them that helps us slow down and create space in our lives to truly appreciate those important relationships that we may be overlooking or take for granted at times. There are SO many distractions that pull our attention away from what really matters most and unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how you choose to look at it), we need that extra reminder to keep us in check. It's for this same reason that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 

I absolutely choose to be loving, kind and thoughtful on a daily basis. But we aren't perfect; we're all human (mom included) and bad days happen. Therefore, I also believe in giving grace and forgiveness on days when it's difficult or challenging to be loving, kind and thoughtful. And sometimes those challenging days or seasons of life can overlap with these so-called "holidays". Rather than feel guilty for not giving a gift or doing something thoughtful, I think it's okay...and actually better...to give grace, and celebrate when life calms down and you're both able to be fully present. There shouldn't be an unnecessary pressure that makes you feel like you're a bad son or daughter if you miss being thoughtful exactly on Mother's Day. Again, it's just meant to remind us not to forget to take the time (sooner than later) to really SEE our moms (or mother figures) for who they really are, APPRECIATE how much they continue to do for us, and THANK THEM for all that they've done or sacrificed to help us become who we are today. 

Truth is, I didn't start these mini-sessions because I thought it would make a good Mother's Day gift. Not to sound morbid, but I started them because I became painfully aware of my own mortality, as well as my parents' when my grandma passed away last year. I had JUST turned 30. Single, no kids. And I started to think about what made us unique as a family, and wonder why I didn't capture any of that in the last 10 years. Because you don't do family portraits unless it's at your own wedding or you want to send out annual Christmas cards of your kids, right?


The relationship we have with our parents changes when we're adults. For many of us, we become closer. We've outgrown our teenage angst, self-absorbed twenties and have replaced it with a much deeper appreciation and understanding. And if you do have kids, then I'm sure that appreciation is on a whoooole 'notha level. So why not document these redefined relationships? In fact, I think they deserve to be documented just as much as the relationships you have with your kids. Our parents need us. Not just on Mother's Day. Not just on Father's Day. And let's face it, we still need them. There's still so much more we have to learn, and there's still so much they have yet to teach us. 

So let's help them feel loved, seen and heard...something we probably didn't do very much when we were younger. And let's do it while we still can.

So that's my why. And it's because of that why that I've decided to offer these mini-sessions year-round, not just for Mother's Day. I want to create an opportunity for you to say your "Hallmark card" out-loud any time of the year, while I document the relationship you have with your mom, step-mom, dad, step-dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle - whomever that role-model in your life is - so that it never disappears. These are not extended family portraits. These are not "Mommy & Me" sessions. These are "Thank You" sessions.

Once a month, I'll announce where and when these limited number of sessions will be held. If it happens to be a good month for you, then great! If not, then maybe next month. To stay connected and be the first to know when the next sessions are announced, please join my new fancy email list below. I have some exciting things planned that you're not gonna wanna miss!

*Disclaimer: Because I'm new to this whole email list thing, please bare with me. I promise not to spam your email or sell your information to the highest bidder. In exchange, I simply ask for forgiveness and a good laugh when I inevitably send you an "oops" email. Cool? Cool.

Thank you for taking the time to read MY why. I can't wait to hear yours.